this is a post about guys.

hahaha, bear with me.
Today at school we worked on our haunted house for the exhibition- which pretty much means work like a horse for 30% of the day and slack the remaining 70%. But mind you, my school day spanned from 8:30-5:15 (!!!!)
throughout the day, I was lounging about during my self-appointed slacker time and god! i get approached by weird guys and cause such a stir when I walk around! I honestly don’t believe that I could be NEARLY as attractive as all the guys at my school think I am. I walked into a room to get a desk to bring to my classroom and as soon as the the guys inside got a glimpse of my bronze hair, they were like freaking out. They were saying things like “OH! OHhh!!” and “DOITE TAKASHI!! DOITE!- move out of the way, takashi!” (which in context meant that these guys wanted takashi to move out of the way so that they could get a look at me) and “Ningyou da, Ningyo!! (she’s like a doll, a doll!!!)” They were kind of monkey-like in their beatific and obvious appreciation of me.

I mean, come on. I may have really light hair and caucasian features but its just too funny that I attract attention like this.
And later on in the day, i’m standing in the hallway and some guys are turning the corner, they catch a look at me and rush back to where they were, quickly conferring, and then walk slowly back into the hallway where I am. One of the guys nonchalantly approaches and starts talking to me. It’s just very amusing. He was actually not a creep though, it turns out that he’s a bassist for the folk rock club (which, by the way, is like Green Day status, not even close to “folk rock”) and he actually likes folk rock and we talked about our love for Bob Dylan. Cool! Making connections….

and then i met this guy whose a guitarist for the folk rock club, and it turns out that he played/saw a show (im not sure, really) at SOMA! it’s such a small world.

ive been having all sorts of odd encounters lately, im sure that ill have a similar post soon.


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