sure enough….

another day, more people i’ve met.

barely any girls approach me, but when they do, they pretty much come up to me in pairs and say “hi” and giggle.
guys are so strange in the way that they approach me here! it’s kind of ridiculous! i was talking to some obscenely awkward guys and mid conversation, they start doing that weird aforementioned furiously quiet conferring and do rock paper scissors to determine who would say “thank you” to me in english! haha! so strange!

Here, I’m so obviously a foreigner that I can’t hide. People I’ve met seem to forget that I speak Japanese- SOMA boy passes me in the halls all the time with a “whasup?”. During the school exhibition today I was standing in the hallway (i do this a lot, its the best for quiet people watching) and a group of extremely well-dressed adults (stylish, young adults, mind) passed by. One member of the posse was tall and genuinely smiling and very black- we both stood out in the crowd of Japanese, and the following conversation (if you can call it that) ensued.

Me: (surprised) I’m half!
Him: Half whut. (he is very sassy and obviously american, with a lot of swag).
Me: (gesturing at myself, with an accent straight out of the bay) White…
Him: Hahaha! (imitates gesture) You’re so california!
Me: Yeah, im from San Diego.
Stylish Japanese guy: Are you a Hip-Hop Girl?
Me: Uhhh….
Him: Well, Hollaaaaa!

I finally met someone with similar music tastes to me…everyone else seems to love Hilary Duff. i met this guy who knows more about underground American hip hop than I do, and apparently he’s teaching himself how to dj…pretty cool. I told him that I’d hit him up later— I would love to go crate digging.

The festival is really fun, though…each class and club sets up something in their room, and there’s a lot of REALLY GOOD FOOD as well. I had awesome Chinese shumai, and Indonesian Martabak. Martabak is a pancake/crepe-style dessert made with a thick dough that gets crispy around the edges, made with coconut milk and bananas. mmmmmmmm.


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