bad luck

uh, damn. I was in Harajuku today shopping by myself (more like window shopping as I had less than 2000 yen or approx $20 and had to buy train fare home) and was having a leisurely time just perusing the shops and marveling at how expensive things that I want are…It was sunny and there weren’t that many people and I was feeling peaceful. I went to Thank You Mart and Topshop and all sorts of cheap vintage stores. I love Harajuku more and more each time I go.

All was going well, until i made a bad move. I was going to buy this peruvian charm at this store– it was knotted twine-like thread with pods on it that looked like eleggua beads. But I decided not to (it was 7 dollars!) and just go home, and my bad luck started.
So I mosey on down to Harajuku station and it turns out that its rush hour. Great. I am buffeted on all sides by hipsters, goths, and business men. I get to the Yamanote line heading to Shinjuku and get on. It was so packed it was ridiculous. Luckily a lot of people got off at Shinjuku and I was able to squeeze out of the compartment. Then, I got to Shinjuku station and realized that I had no idea what line to take home. I tried to find the only line I knew of, the Keio line, and tried desperately to find it (it took 20 minutes of deep frustration). When I got there, my station wasn’t even on the route map. I quietly tried to identify my surroundings and, once I realized that I was totally lost, managed not to freak out while calling my mother, who for some reason failed to answer her phone. Eventually i ended up asking the station manager, who told me politely that I was on the wrong end of the station and that I had to take another line. It took me forever to get to the right train but eventually I got to my station.

Ahh! I was never happier to see my station. But of course the curse of the charm was continuing and it was pouring outside. Pouring. Thunder and lightning. I’m not even kidding. Somehow whenever I go to Harajuku there are rain-related disasters, hahaha. So I’m stuck outside my station in rain dumping down by the buckets without an umbrella with a 10- minute walk home. I ran home, looking incredibly stupid with my lack of readiness for the weather.

the end.
thanks, charm. im going back to harajuku tomorrow with someone who actually has money (my mother) and i might buy you to redeem myself 🙂


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