A while ago I went with some family to a festival at the Lightning Temple in Asakusa.
It’s a beautiful traditional area that was bursting with color and light and swarming with people.
The incense smoke rising from this huge pot is said to aid one’s studying ability and bring good luck. Visitors to the temple sweep the smoke onto their foreheads as a blessing.

Not only is the area very spiritual as a temple, but was also home to traditional artisans and food stands, as well as small kitsch shops selling souvenir goods…

an artisan handmaking mandhalas and protective charms

My mother’s cousin’s son…(I dont know what that makes him), eying all of the toys…

Of course one of the best parts of the festival was the food! There were awesome food stands (similar to the deep fried food area at the Del Mar Fair much higher quality and not nauseating…sorry Charlie’s Chicken Shack.)
Mizuame- Brightly colored lollipop-like candy

I just ate dinner, but I got hungry just looking at these. These are age-mochi (soft, sweet, rice balls that are made by pounding rice until it forms a smooth paste) with nori, or dried seaweed. The balls are skewered, slathered with soy sauce, fried(?) baked(?) until the outsides are crunchy and covered in caramelized soy sauce but the insides retain their smooth texture. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I seriously could eat just these for the rest of my life. And Koiwai Milk Coffee, but that’s a different story and a different blog post.

Awww, bbyboy was eating up these mochi balls with anko bean paste on them…I guess that would sound gross to a non-Japanese, but they’re good I promise.

I love festivals, and I really want to be able to attend more as I stay here… hopefully some new opportunities will arise!



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2 responses to “Asakusa

  1. maguilar

    oh my god that kid is so perfect

  2. The street markets were my favorite part of Asia. Just walking around and eating lots of awesome food. Love the Trader Joe’s bag.

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