General Update

I haven’t been up to much, things seem to be slowing down around here.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with family and (sad as it may sound) alone, which is all right with me because I have the city as my friend. I was surprised at how different things are socially here…At least within my grade. On friday nights, all the girls in my class just go home. They just go home, and watch TV or something. I’m not very social but that was really disappointing.

The hype about me has really died down. In a way its more relaxing but I didn’t mind being complimented all day, haha šŸ˜‰ I feel more like a normal student living a semi-normal life. Plus I’ve been hassled by so many people that you’d think I was a tourist in Venice, Italy and the gypsies were out.

In the last week or so it has started becoming incredibly cold. I’m not talking San Diego ‘cold’ here, it was San Diego FREEEEEEZING. I really need to adjust my standards to normal weather and the concept of Winter. Sounds nuts, but yes, there is Winter here and it’s only going to get colder.

But of course, I sacrifice comfort for cuteness every morning and continue to roll up my skirt and barge through the city with the area between my knees to mid thigh completely frozen. And on the weekend I succumbed to Japanese fashion pressure and was trekking around in tights instead of pants and vintage boots that gave me mad blisters. But what can I say, I live in Tokyo.
I look so tired, but this is city-appropriate attire.


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One response to “General Update

  1. Hey Mari!

    Glad to see you’re keeping a blog. I love reading about your culture immersion. Your photos are great too! Reminds me of some of my adventures in Taiwan. Just starting my work-day, so I’ll read more when I have time. I have some good ARTS stories to share with you too.

    You’re looking very cosmopolitan šŸ™‚


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