Things I miss about the US

Yeah, I do miss certain things about the US.
Mostly foods.

-Arizona iced tea:
I dont normally drink it but something about being here makes me really want some lemon tea.

-Mexican-style rice and this raspberry pork dish I get at “ranas” off of the 94
Once again, I dont usually eat Mexican food that much. But eating Japanese food all the time (which if traditional is very subtly flavored and pretty saltless, and if western-style is French style aka creamy and low salt as well) is making me crave something a liiiiitle more flavorful

-Having a printer
I’m making a scrapbook for school, and I don’t have a printer which is really problematic. It’s the small things like that that make me miss home….

-People who speak Spanish.
I forget that people dont understand Spanish at all. They dont understand English either, mind, but they really dont know ANY Spanish. Occasionally I slip a “pero” into my speech and everyone thinks I’m crazy

-Being able to wear warm clothes to school
Ahhhh. So with our strict uniform rules, we aren’t allowed to wear outwear that isn’t school distributed…and plus I will not let down my skirt so my knees are always freezing. But that’s totally my own fault and I’m trying not to complain.

-Knowing weights and measures
I don’t know the metric system at all. It’s really confusing because I don’t know what my shoe size is or my approximate height and weight, and when it comes to distances (which we talk about in physics a lot) I am always totally lost.

-Having pajamas
Haha. It’s really cold here and I only brought one pair of sweatpants 😦

of course.

I don’t miss the states all that much but when I do I’m usually dwelling on one of the above.


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