C’est L’automne!

Japan has been pretty nice lately. It hasn’t been too cold…either that or my weak San Diegan resistance towards weather has been getting tougher.
So a lot has gone on since I last posted, check the posts below.

Today my brother, mother and I went to Ginza (read: overpriced everything [$8 for a glass of milk] and craaaaaazy shopping) and then to this art museum in Roppongi to see a Picasso exhibit. I have never really been a fan of Picasso but I was really enraptured by the exhibit and had a change of heart.
Me and my bro. Yeah I know that I look crazy but I have not been really feeling pants lately. The reason why this picture was taken is because the awning above us reads “Hashimoto Tobacco” and our Japanese last name is Hashimoto.
Me in Roppongi….Me and my mom took refuge in the art museum there in summer when it was ridiculously hot and humid. I lovvvvvvvve it there, and the gift shop is especially kickin’.
AHH I know I take so many pictures of food but this burger from R burger was sooooooo good. It was a ground chicken patty with sour plum sauce and a huge basil leaf instead of lettuce on a Manju (Chinese steamed bun) -style mochimochi bun.

After food, mama n’ I went to Kiyosumi Garden, this beautiful spot that showcases awesome autumn foliage. It was pretty dark even though it was only 6 pm ish and the picture taking conditions were brutal but this is what I got.
It was so beautiful- Willows and Momijis overlooking a quiet lake.

In San Diego the only autumn colors like this are wildfires. It’s amazing to see leaves actually change color…it really puts you in the mood of the season.



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4 responses to “C’est L’automne!

  1. Mari, this is such a cool blog! I totally dig it – it’s like being there. Looks like Theo is just as tall as you are now – he is growing like bamboo! I love your outfits, especially the cold weather one on the train with the boots and grey coat. And I like the little Mekipo pig with the sombrero. More food pics! Keep these posts coming and send our love and best wishes to your family.
    — Ken

  2. Anne

    It looks really beautiful there in the fall.

    AND I love that you take lots of pictures of food. 🙂

  3. I’m just kind of breezing through all your posts, I haven’t checked your blog in a while. You’ve done such a great job of keeping this filled with really cool photos and info. Very cool. And I’m glad you liked the Picassos. The artworld over-saturates us with a small bit of his work . . . the stuff that has sold for the most cash, of course. So silly. His whole body of work is really amazing.

    It took me a while to appreciate him too, but he really was quite brilliant.

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