A couple days after we went to the beach house, we went to the Torinoichi festival in Asakusa (a different part of the same historical district that we visited earlier)
History time…Tori(rooster)noichi is a November festival that takes place every year on a day that correlates with the Chinese Rooster zodiac. People flock (no pun intended) to the festival to buy Kumade, those round bamboo structures covered in festive decorations. Kumade means rake in Japanese, and in the Edo period did look exactly like rakes. They are bought to “rake in” good fortune and prosperity, and therefore are highly sought after by businesspeople and the like. People also go to pray at the temples in the area and celebrate with food and festivities.
Haha this guy (a merchant of mochi sweets) was really outgoing and hilarious. He wanted me to take his picture…how could I resist?
I guess I have a weakness for photographing food stands. This one was incredible- HUGE burgers! Totally Del Mar Fair!!!

For more info on Torinoichi, go here


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