I missed Thanksgiving.

I’m sick.
Last night my family had reservations at Fujimama’s, a gaijin (foreigners’, gringo) restaurant in Omotesando/Shibuya area. They ate turkey, pie, green beans, the works…. but I conked out right after I got home from school last night and just woke up. I slept for almost 14 hours.

The rest of my family’s Thanksgiving:
My family invited my mom’s friend Savage (see a post about salsa waaaaaaay down) to take my place, because they had set reservations for 4.

Haha apparently Savage had never eaten turkey before. That’s typical of most Japanese people- they usually have never even tried it.

U KNO, just average thanksgiving food that I missed out on.
My thanksgiving dinner was brown rice with peanut miso, hahaha.

Anyways, to those back home, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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