Holiday season?

One notable difference between the US and Japan is advertising (as I’ve mentioned before). What really stands out in my eye is how halloween decorations in stores immediately jumped to christmas ones….no thanksgiving turkeys or bright leaves, of course! Seeing all the festivity in stores really makes me feel in the mood for the season in the US, which makes me realize just how commercial the holidays truly are. Here, for the most part, there is no forewarning Christmas is coming. Being in such an under-advertised realm during the holiday season makes me quite unexcited for it- note how in my last post, I wasn’t really upset about missing Thanksgiving. Things are blown out of proportion in the US- holidays should be very personal, not commercial.

Enough cynicism!

My mom’s brother’s family came to visit us yesterday. We ate lunch and dessert at our apartment, and then went out to another beautiful park. It’s still kinda mind-boggling to see true autumn foliage, coming from a place covered in palm trees.

Nummmmmm. Our relatives brought some delightful egg pudding… natural casing!

Japanese tourists are always just Japanese tourists. Even within Japan.

My cousin kept searching for red momiji leaves…..
My family 🙂



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2 responses to “Holiday season?

  1. この日はいろいろありがとう!
    追伸: 写真を美しく撮ってくれて嬉しいですね。卵プリンたちが浮かばれます。お

  2. Kerstin

    Mari it was so interesting reading your blog, I saw the link on myspace. It looks so neat over there. When do you come back to the US?

    P.S. That egg pudding looks DELICIOUS

    Hope you’re doing well!

    ~ Kerstin

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