“Knowledge of Various”

[We had to give powerpoints for communications class (any subject allowed) and that was the title of one kid’s, I thought it was cute]

A while ago I mentioned “Koiwai Milk Coffee”. Well it has been due for a proper posting in its honor.
Oh Koiwai Milk Coffee. You are so perfectly sweetened, not bitter at all but not sickeningly sweet like many creamy coffees. You are at the point of being more coffee flavored milk than coffee with milk. You are so perfectly creamy…..without tasting like cream. mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

But unfortunately, as all love affairs come and go, I must leave you for someone else….

Recently I’ve been more partial to Mt. Rainier caramel nut flavored espresso au lait. It’s a little less balanced than Koiwai, with a slight bitter coffee taste and a noticeably sweet, nutty caramel taste. The flavors are just a little more aggressive I guess….. which is delicious right when I tumble out of bed and my taste buds haven’t woken up yet.

I’ve discovered that Japan makes really good cinnamon raisin bread. American raisin bread…reminds me of dry, tasteless, just plain weird bread with unappetizing raisins. But Japanese raisin bread is soooo goooood on so many levels. First off, Japanese bread comes reaaaaally thickly sliced. Each piece is thick and chewy, which in itself makes it seem all the more delicious. American raisin bread seems to always fall apart because its constructed out of some weird swirl. Here, that is never an issue. The bread “meat” is like the middle of a croissant, but not noticeably buttery. It’s moist and cheeewy. And the crust is the best part…it’s not soggy or overly crusty, just like the bread equivalent of the part on pancakes that get really crispy while the rest stays springy…… And this particular loaf was dotted with amazing caramelized raisins. Proof that it was freshly baked.

Haha, I get so enthusiastic.

On an entirely different note…
I hate my phone (it’s probably the only aesthetically displeasing Japanese phone on the market) but I love the emoticons that you can put into text messages.
To decode some….
TOP: (looks like teardrops) This indicates a distressed, rushed feeling…like you’ve been sweating from running to catch a bus or something.
SECOND DOWN: Intense crying, obviously to mean exaggerated sadness.
UNDER THAT, LEFT SIDE: A glowing blushing face, used to show happiness…best described with the Japanese word “shiawase”
TO THE RIGHT OF THAT ONE: A winking blushing face 🙂 my favorite
VERY BOTTOM: Pretty much the same as the top one, except not necessarily rushed.

I swear, I’ve been getting less expressive through words because I’ve been reverting to face pixels.


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