“I can’t believe I ate gut for lunch”

The other day, when me and my brother were holding down the fort, I was doing some shopping for the next day’s lunch…and saw a dish at the supermarket that looked pretty good. The contents looked familiar, connyaku, carrots, potato, scallions, and chicken in a stew-y sauce. I couldn’t really understand the label but bought it anyways because it looked like a typical type of dish that I really enjoy. It tasted pretty good too. The next day my parents came home, and I forgot about the little container in the fridge.

A while later, my mom came up to me and said, “Do you know what that little plastic container of food you had for lunch was?” I replied that I didn’t and she said, “Well the meat in it was chicken intestine….”

My reply was a breezy, “Oh, so that’s why it was so chewy.”

Japan makes you so jaded to weird food.



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5 responses to ““I can’t believe I ate gut for lunch”

  1. Spencer P

    I’m pretty amicable to eating strange body parts…once while my uncle was working at a sushi restaurant (he’s a 6’2″ white German dude; he was quite the sore thumb) he asked me if I would eat anything he made me. I think I ended up eating something’s face…deep fried.

    I hope you’re having a good time! Looks like you had a nice visit from your family for Thanksgiving (even if you slept through dinner).

  2. Anne

    POSTING THIS A SECOND TIME just in care šŸ™‚

    Get out of here! You do not look terrible at all.

    It sounds like you are having a great experience. I am looking forward to sharing your blog with the Japan intersession group.

    We are not leaving until the 8th so maybe you can come talk to the group one of those first days of intersession?

    BTW- good job keeping this updated. It is really great to follow your experience from afar.

  3. I would stick to Mekipo…

  4. 恓悌ćÆä½•ć‚’é£Ÿć¹ćŸć®ļ¼Ÿé³„恮ē™½ćƒ¢ćƒ„ć ć‚ć†ć‹ć€‚ē§ć‚‚ćƒ¢ćƒ„ē…®č¾¼ćæćÆå¤§å„½ććŖéƒØé”žć§ć™ć‚ˆć€‚

  5. äæ®ćŠć˜ć”悃悓ļ¼

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