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Japanese people are unhealthily obsessed with Corn Potage. I had never seen or eaten it before coming to Japan, but its a creamy corn soup that everybody loves. It’s even sold in vending machines. I don’t know, I don’t think that creamy soup with corn kernels in it could ever be popular back home.


My brother tried it on the way to Nikkou- straight out of the vending machine.
He said that it was really good, until he got about halfway through the can and then he felt really sick –the creaminess got to his head. “Never eating Corn Potage Again” was his conclusion.



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2 responses to “CORN POTAGE!

  1. Nasty. One of my favorite “they really eat that?” things from Taipei was the bags of nuts with whole, dehydrated fish in them (really tiny minnows). They were in every 7-11. Very popular. They smelled disgusting.

  2. marikrishna

    HAHAHA actually, they sell that here too!
    I used to eat it when I was little until I realized that I was noooooot so fond of fish.

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