Princess timeeeee

On Saturday, I was made into a Japanese doll by my Mom’s cousin’s mother-in-law, a beautician. Japanese beauticians are usually certified or at least trained to professionally dress people in kimonos and put them in a sort of paired updo. Big deal, you may think, but getting into a kimono is an ORDEAL that can take anywhere between half and hour to two hours. The whole process took me about an hour and a half.

The reasoning behind me getting dolled up is based on timing. The type of kimono that one wears is based on age, and marital status. Since I am a teenager and unmarried, I wear a furisode kimono, where the sleeves are very long and the colors are vivid. As you get older, you have to look more age appropriate, with less bold colors and eye-catching decoration. Also, once you get married or reach a certain age, your sleeve length gets drastically shorter. Everyone wanted to capture me in full furisode- before it was too late.


It started with the updo….me getting my hair done.


Then the actually dressing began. It started with me wearing a really thin dress and getting padded and bound— my chest bound, and my waist padded. The whole point of a kimono is to look like you have no curves, so the body is manipulated to look really straight. I don’t think that I’ve ever intentionally tried to look flat-chested and fuller around the middle, hahahaha.
The picture is of me wearing an undergarment-type thin white gown. It’s basically underwear, it would be very unproper for me to go outside like that.



Gradually the layers started piling up. Here, I’m almost finished- my obi, or waistband, is being tied.


FINISHED! Here, you can kind of see my obi and hairdo better….

Since it would be a total waste of 2 hours for me to just go home after being so dolled up, my family and I went to Asakusa again (there’s a post about Asakusa waaaaaaay back). It was absolutely hilarious- I guess that half Japanese girls don’t show up in furisode often, because I had people literally taking pictures of me right and left- some people even asked to pose with me!


Some lady wanted to take a picture with me—she was hilarious and really cool (LOOK AT HER SHADES! hahahahaha) so I obliged.


Prowlin’ the streets



Just chillin with a monkey (it was actually part of a performing act).

ANYWAYS it was a hilarious day, and although I thought that I was going to die with so much clothing on me, it was a great experience.



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5 responses to “Princess timeeeee

  1. ossamoux



  2. KB

    Mari, I surely enjoy reading about your adventures.
    What a good writer and photographer you are! And
    you looked very beautiful with your hair up and the
    lovely kimono. Watch out for guts posing as food!
    Happy times to all.

  3. Hey! You look awesome, but it looks uncomfortable, haha! Great photos, and cool story 🙂

  4. Just chillin’ with the monkey! That’s awesome, and so was your 6 hour karaoke adventure. We had dinner with your dad last night. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

    — Ken

  5. makiko




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