Last day of school……

Friday was my last day at Kanto Kokusai.
Other than the part when we got our test results back (I was really happy, hahaha), it was so sad. I had to give a little farewell speech in front of the class and I was choking up and it was pretty embarassing.
Although it was a sad day for me, it was a happy one for everyone else…the last day before winter break. During cleanup (Japanese schools don’t have janitors so the students clean the chalkboards, sweep the floors, change the radiator filter…..), all the kids were totally goofing off and it was cute.
Sitting on top of the lockers….
Sitting on desks……
QUICK STORY TIME- there’s a recycling machine in the Kanto lunch court that will forever remain as part of my legacy. When you place a can in the machine, a 10 yen coin automatically pops up, which was totally fantastic in my eyes and I instantly became addicted to can collecting. My friends (above) and I formed a can cartel (hahaha) where we went on total can frenzies and saved the money. I think we made over 20$ worth of can money….which was achieved by trash digging, cutting tall cans in half to double our cheddar, and drinking mass amounts of Max Coffee and strawberry milk. (Although canned goods in the states have a bad rap, Japanese canned drinks are delicioussssss. I don’t know how I will live without vending machines selling canned cafe au lait everywhere 😦 )
My homeroom teacher!
Last walk to Hatsudai station….

It was a really bittersweet day, reflecting on a really happy, truly amazing time but acknowledging its end.

Soup Stock Tokyo, the namesake of my blog, is an aaaamazing and slightly too expensive soup place that is found mostly in train stations.
Their soups are literally amazing. Sooo good. Soooooo goood. Normally when I think of “soup” I think of being sick and eating boring chicken stock with lame steamed veggies floating in it (although I will admit, that kind of simple soup can be really delicious if made properly, albiet not too exciting). BUT SOUP STOCK TOKYO SOUP is sooooooo goood that I immediately forget that bland image.
I had lobster bisque. It had a more exciting English name but I forgot it. But anyways. Ingredients: onions, carrots, celery, garlic, lobster bullion, tomato puree, parsely, wine, tomoto, brandy, olive oil, spices, salt, milk, starch, crab bullion, butter, scallop bullion, pork fat, clam bullion, black pepper, black pepper, and honey.

It was the first and will probably be my last time going this trip, but I was in heaven 😀

Sad day, good lunch.


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