I leave tomorrow…..

….I come back to the states.
The last couple days have been spent packing and on my part, buying all the stuff I felt like I couldn’t live without and aggravating everyone with my spending.

Christmas was a quiet, happy affair. We didn’t do anything particularly christmassy, in fact, apart from festive stocking-opening I don’t think that anyone would have guessed that it was Christmas….
Dinner was Kenchin Jiru, a soup made with carrots, burdock root, yam root (connyaku), daikon radish, and tofu.
After dinner we went to Shinjuku and me and my brother took some purikura photobooth pictures. It was really funny and he was a pro at posing.

Two days ago I went with my mom to the Mita campus of Keio University (her alma mater), and it was really really cold but lunch was a really good Korean-style donburi. It was raw salmon, hamachi, maguro tuna, over rice with pickled vegetables and sesame oil, topped with an “onsen tamago”. Onsen Tamago is a specially made style of egg where the yolk is firm but the whites are still gooey. Not runny, but still really soft….so good.

And yesterday was my last full day in the Shinjuku area (today we are going to my aunt and uncle’s house, which is in Chiba prefecture- closer to Narita airport), so I crammed in some last minute time with one of my really good girl friends. We went to this amazing department store that I can only compare to an American ghetto mall- so trashy and sooooo goood.
They were having a nail fair of crazy Japanese fakes- and the nails were so crazy that I knew I just had to have a pair.

I feel like I should be really sad to leave but mostly I am too burnt out and tired to be distressing. I’m sure that once I hit the states I will be bummed big time.



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2 responses to “I leave tomorrow…..

  1. MASA

    Hi,Marilyn.I come again here, a groupie for your mom in Japan.(^^)

    I usually use The Google machine translation service to scan through your web site and sometime laugh at the Geeeeeeeeeeeky translation.
    Exactly, this time, it is said that you enjoy “the peg” ;not a part of finger but the box nail with the hammer!!!!(^â–½^)
    You are interested in the tooooooool so much.
    I know with your nice graphics.

    Then, you really leave tomorrow?You kidding?

    I miss your mom, brother……………………………….and you, too.
    However you home now?
    In the States waiting your dad, tons of friends, teachers, acquaintances, homeworks and new President, maybe.
    I know your feeling and you feel it important now.
    Because it will not go on for the whole of your life so heavy, I promise.
    A canary-bird sings and flies again.

    All of us, your Japanese friends are waiting the next coming with Big smile, too.
    We remember Mari@Tera byte MEMORY STOCK TOKYO in autumn.

    I will say not so long but so short!(^^)/

  2. KB

    Hi Mari, I bet you are on your way home. I just got back last night from seeing Simon, Rachel and Micol in Santa Cruz for Christmas. Great fun with 5 year old and Santa. I was just showing my friend Suzanna your website and the “kimono event” and how beautiful you were/are all dressed up. I will get caught up on your blog over the New Year’s weekend. I loved the photo of you and Theo in your school uniforms. The drawing behind you looked like one by an artist friend of mine–Muramasa Kudo–wonder if it was. XXKB

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