Last lunch in Japan was pickled plum riceballs, takoyaki octopus batter balls (see a post waaaay down), and burdock root edamame salad. Keeping it old school.

So I’m finally home. I landed in San Francisco yesterday at around 9:30 pm and then caught the 10:45 plane to San Diego. The plane ride from Tokyo to SF was ridiculously short- only 8 hours. The trip home has never been that short.
I’m still jet lagged and exhausted. I’m pretty bummed to be back, and keep thinking about all the things that I will miss. I had a truly wonderful experience and I am so glad that I was able to share it with everyone who kept updated.
I’d like to thank all of my readers, especially all of my Japanese friends and family who struggled through my colloquial English to keep up with my posts. どうもありがとうございました。日本にいた間、大変お世話になりました。

I would like to ask a favor of you- if you read my blog, please leave a comment saying what you liked about it, any favorite posts, and last impressions that you might have. I just want to be able to know who my readers are and thank you all personally 🙂

I will probably occasionally post an update, but for now, MARI@SOUP STOCK TOKYO is finished.



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9 responses to “Home.

  1. ossamoux

    best ten choices d’ossamoux
    5.PortoVenere(12/31) dishのレベルの高さそのものを語る写真と、夜が似合う穴場の雰囲気が伝えられている。店のhpをこちらに入れ替えるべき。(ただ穴場であり続けてもらいたいのでそのままとも、すべき)
    7.ColdNikko(12/16) たった1コマだけ、ほかほかのカレーパイを登場させることにより、逆に全体の「極限の寒さ」を浮き彫りにした。お見事。
    8.クリスマスパーティ(12/26)”Haha everybody loves little kids!”の写真がいい。「その瞬間を捉えよ!」
    のモットーが受け継がれている(Tom、Hajime、Kaori →Mari)ようで嬉しかった。
    9.Mariと猿(12/16) 満里ちゃんは確か昔お猿が好きだった筈。chillって「猿と寒さに耐える」?違うな。

    last impressions:
    全体の印象… 子供らしさ/可愛いらしさへのlove(…煙草やネイルアートなど)、芸術への深い洞察や思索(ネオ・トロピカリアや 宇治野宗輝etcは叔父さんは理解できない)、家族や友達へのいたわり(eventをちゃんとブログにしてくれている/ちゃんと皆に律儀に報告してあげている)があり、無制限な領域の中を自由に取材できており、守備範囲の広さと弾力を感じました。これぞ、まだまだ四方八方にどこまでも伸びる若い感性なのだと思ったよ。また写真選定のし方に周囲への配慮があり、写真自体の主題の選定、構図や完成度も高く、さらに文章も(女子高生の会話体風でもありますが)よく練られて表現力があると思います。何しろ読んでて楽しい。


  2. Ali

    Mari~ I seriously loved this. I have to say that your earlier entries about the school reminded me of the time that I was goggled at by guys the last time I was there. Hmm~your pictures of the food were amazing. Makes me want to go back there. I’m glad you had an awesome time. Other fave entries include Asakusa and Harajuku. Just because they are awesome places.

  3. Oh, my gosh. The food looks fantastic, and the first picture is SO cute !
    I’m glad you had a great time.
    It might not be Japan, but it’s got to be cool living in California : )

  4. Spencer

    My favorite aspects of your blog were the photos (especially of food! …made me hungry every time I read) and the anecdotes about lost-in-translation, culturally specific moments that us dumb Americans don’t get. Welcome home.

  5. モギマキコ


  6. MASA




    Mari も今はしっかり勉強して下さい。


  7. Rebecca

    Mari: Thanks so much for sharing your experience with those of us who never have traveled much. I can hear your voice talkign throughout this blog and my mouth is watering at the food–you have such an interest in food and such a great way of describing it! I think the layout is so professional, the pictures/photography excellent and even inserting You-Tube videos–I am fascinated. How could you possibly do this, go to two schools in two languages all at the same time and ever sleep?

  8. Oh no! I guess I saw your blog too late! I’ll have to go back through it. That’s so cool you put up the besos not bombs sticker! Where did you get it? I’m amazed that I see stickers on walls everywhere but never see where they actually come from!

    • marikrishna

      Besos not Bombs is a streetwear clothing company based in San Diego, and as their intern I was responsible for some guerrilla marketing in tokyo! I got to the city with a bundle of stickers that our company printed and just went crazy in all the spots that I knew were streetwise. Hahah thanks for the love I’m happy that you photographed it!

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