Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve Eve

On Christmas Eve Eve, we went first to a shrine near Ichigaya train station, and then to my aunt and uncle’s house for a little holiday party!
At the shrine, people of all ages were helping to make mochi, or sticky rice cakes. In Japan, New Years=MOCHI (among other things), so it was very lucky of our family to have been able to eat some freshly pounded mochi!
Some kid laboring over a pot of mochi…
I look like I just rolled out of bed. The mochi was delicious though!
After stuffing our bellies with traditional Ozoni soup and sweet soybean-powder-covered mochi, we went down the ridiculously steep stairs to the station. Most shrines and temples in Japan are on hills so that they are as close to the heavens as possible…..

Then, the Christmas party!
It was a family affair, and it was really special to be able to be with relatives that I don’t usually get to see during the year : )
Haha everybody loves little kids!

And the feast…..
Cucumber Salmon rolls
Japanese people love to eat fried chicken on Christmas. Someone asked me if people ate fried chicken on Christmas in America, and I said “well I guess some do but I don’t think that most people do….” and they were totally shocked.
Mashed potatoes

My aunt made a delicious and gorgeous Bouche de Noel cake, topped with adorable strawberries santas!

After eating, we drank some delicious Lupicia White Christmas Tea (tea so good that it was like a dessert in itself), and exchanged presents and stories!
Babygirl got a play vacuum, which was really cute, hahaha

All in all, it was a really sweet, fun family party that was full of holiday cheer!

And the next day, Christmas Eve, was my little brother’s birthday, which called for more presents and cake!


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